Level 1 Canoe Polo Coaching Course

Level 1 Canoe Polo Coaching Course

The Level 1 Canoe Polo Coaching Course is an introductory course for beginner coaches. It provides the expertise to coach at school, club and State level. This is the most important area for the development of any sport.
It aims to develop practical coaching knowledge and skills for the beginner coach. The course also complements the Coaching General Principles Level 1 course.
The course aims to educate coaches to improve the sports performance of a Canoe Polo Athlete / Team. When assessment criteria is completed, a coach will be a nationally recognised NCAS Level 1 Canoe Polo Coach.
Level One Canoe Polo Coaches are qualified to coach Canoe Polo on flatwater or in swimming pools.
To obtain the accreditation, candidates must fulfil the assessment requirements, attend a two day Level One Course incorporating General Principles of Coaching and Sport Specific Coaching, maintain a coaching diary for a minimum of twelve weeks and be assessed by a Level 2 accredited canoe coach.

Enrolment Prerequisites

It is expected that participants have a fairly good knowledge on all aspects of canoe safety and Canoe Polo.
The participant must:
Obtain the ACC Level One Coaching Principles Award and
Have played a minimum of 6 Canoe Polo games or
Be able to apply simple kayaking skills in any craft on flatwater or have achieved an AC Basic Skills Award or
Completed an Orientation to Coaching Canoe Polo Course
The candidate must provide the course coordinator with evidence of achieving the Level One Coaching Principles Award and simple kayaking skills before the commencement of the course. Participants with no paddling experience need to have completed an orientation to Coaching Canoe Polo Course.
No previous coaching experience is required.
Candidates must obtain a recognised first aid qualification before being eligible for Level 1 Accreditation. This can be obtained post course.

Study Topics / Course Content

Basic Paddling Skills
Canoe Polo Safety and Equipment
Coaching Aids and Resources
Basic Ball Skills
Basic Paddling Skills  
Basic Offence
Basic Defence
Basic Kayak Control
Rules and Interpretations
Drugs in Sport


Each candidate must display competence in each unit of assessment criteria. Following is a list of assessment methods.
Practical Observation
Maintain a Coaching Diary for 12 weeks


Copy of Qualifications (not already submitted)
Pen and notebook
Paddling equipment /coaching gear to go on the water
If you should require further details about the NCAS Level 1 Coaching Course please contact your State Association.